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Qioptiq APO Rodagon

Specially designed for scanning applications

The high resolution of the APO Rodagon lenses makes them a good fit for high resolution cameras. Accompanied with ultra low distortion, the apo-chromatically corrected lenses feature high contrast and sharpness right up to the picture corners with practically no colour fringes.

Distortion is corrected to near zero and cannot be seen even in objects with straight-lined structures. All models are fitted with click-stop aperture rings.


  • Image circle: from 43 mm to 100 mm
  • Focal length: 50 mm to 120 mm
  • Aperture: F2.8 to F5,6
  • Filter thread: M40,5 x 0,5
  • Mounting thread: M39 x 1/26"
  • Dimensions (D x L): 50 mm x 43,5 mm to 52 mm x 54,3 mm
  • Weight: 110 g to 150 g
  • Miscellaneous: Requires modular focus-system or suitable camera adapter

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Model Camera mount (optics) M.O.D. Focal length (mm) Manufacturer
QIOPTIQ APO-RODAGON HR 75/5,6-0,5X V46 172 75.0 Qioptiq
QIOPTIQ APO-RODAGON-D 120/5,6 Leica-mount 242 120.0 Qioptiq
QIOPTIQ APO-RODAGON-D 1X 75/4,0 Leica-mount 100 75.0 Qioptiq
QIOPTIQ APO-RODAGON-D 2X 75/4,5 Leica-mount 138 75.0 Qioptiq
QIOPTIQ APO-RODAGON-N 105/4,0 Leica-mount 282 Qioptiq
QIOPTIQ APO-RODAGON-N 105/4,0 FULL METAL Leica-mount 282 105.0 Qioptiq
QIOPTIQ APO-RODAGON-N 50/2,8 Leica-mount 122 50.0 Qioptiq
QIOPTIQ APO-RODAGON-N 80/4,0 Leica-mount 218 80.0 Qioptiq