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Qioptiq Inspec.x

Very high resolution lenses suitable for large sensors

The Inspec.X series was developed to fulfil the needs of high quality and high resolution systems.

The Inspec.X L has been developed for line scan applications and has a very large image circle to cover the largest line scan sensors. Furthermore, with a high resolution smaller than 5 µm, it meets the highest specification requirements.

The Inspec.X M is a great multi use lens. With an F-Mount and an image circle of 43.3 mm it is the ideal for large format sensors. Like its sister lenses, it has very good resolution and high contrast and can be used with magnifications from infinity to 1:2 without any loss of quality.


Inspec.X L Image circle: 43 mm to 82 mm Focal length: 50 mm to 105 mm Aperture: F1.4 to F4,0 Filter thread: M45 x 0,75 to M58 x 0,75 * Miscellaneous: Includes a lens adaptor and different mounts

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Model Manufacturer Camera mount (optics) M.O.D. Focal length (mm)
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X L 100/4,0 Qioptiq M45 x 0.75 553 100.0
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X L 105/3,5-5,0X Qioptiq V46 66 105
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X L 105/3,5-5,0X PRISM Qioptiq V46 18 105
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X L 105/4,0-3,0X Qioptiq V46 84 105
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X L 105/4,0-3,0X PRISM Qioptiq V46 34 105
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X L 105/4,0-3,5X Qioptiq V46 75 105
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X L 105/4,0-3,5X PRISM Qioptiq V46 28 105
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X L 105/5,6 FLOAT Qioptiq V46 99.6 105
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X L 105/5,6-0,33X Qioptiq V46 300 105
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X L 105/5,6-0,5X Qioptiq V46 228 105
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X L 105/5,6-0,76X Qioptiq V46 183 105
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X L 105/5,6-1,0X Qioptiq V46 153 105
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X M 50/1,4 Qioptiq F-mount 355 50
QIOPTIQ INSPEC.X M 50/1,4-IR Qioptiq F-mount 355 50