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Macro lenses from Qioptiq

STEMMER IMAGING can supply a range of Qioptiq macro lenses for magnifications from 0.14x (magnification 1:7) to 6x (magnification 6:1) as a function of the image size on the sensor. The 2x to 6x models are available with integrated on-axis lighting for shadow free image illumination if required. This could be useful when imaging shallow recesses on a target object. A stepless macro variofocal lens covers a magnification range from 0.8x to 4x which can be extended by a factor of 0.24x with the use of a converter.

Qioptiq macro CCD lenses operate at fixed distances and are characterised by their high imaging quality. They are frequently used for on-line process control and for assembly and 100% quality control inspection of small parts. All the lenses are suitable for use with 1/2" and 2/3" sensors and use C-mount connectors.


  • Macro lenses suitable for sensors up to 2/3"
  • Available with magnifications of between 0.14 (1:7.1) and 6.0 (6:1)
  • Available with various fixed apertures
  • No filter thread

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Model Aperture Focal length (mm) Working distance (mm) Camera mount (optics)
QIOPTIQ MAKRO CCD 0,3/5,6 F 5.6 24.0 90.0 C-mount
QIOPTIQ MAKRO CCD 0,5/5,6 F 5.6 35.0 90.0 C-mount
QIOPTIQ MAKRO CCD 1/4 F 4.0 50.0 90.0 C-mount
QIOPTIQ MAKRO CCD 1/5,6 F 5.6 50.0 90.0 C-mount
QIOPTIQ MAKRO CCD 2 F 4.4 26.0 75.0 C-mount
QIOPTIQ MAKRO CCD 4 F 5.2 20.0 75.0 C-mount