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Schneider-Kreuznach DIAMOND

12k and 16k line scan lenses for high magnification applications

The DIAMOND series is made for high-end line scan applications. It offers a sensor resolution of 5 µm over the whole image circle diameter making it suitable for 12k (62.5 mm line length) but also for 16k (82 mm line length) line scan cameras and is targeted at higher magnification applications ranging from -2.6x to -5.2x.

It comes either with V70 or V90 mount which can adapt cameras with M58, M72, M90 and M95 mounts.

Reasons to choose the DIAMOND lenses

Large magnifications

High-end electronic inspection applications often call for very high magnifications to be able to achieve maximum resolution in the object space. Not only does the DIAMOND series meet these requirements, but the excellent mechanics ensure optical performance in high vibration applications.

Adaptable to many different cameras

The V70 and V90 mounts have been adapted to work with M72 and M95 respectively, and give you the option to mount the lens on M58, M72, M90, and M95 threads. This enables you to work with the vast majority of high resolution line scan cameras on the market. As it offers many different extension tubes as well, it is very likely that it can be adapted to work with your camera.

We recommend using the M95 for 82 mm large line scan systems and the M72 for 62.5 mm line scan systems.

The best performance, made even better

All DIAMOND lenses are measured and checked at Schneider-Kreuznach at almost every single step in its production. The manufacturer marks the best alignment to the sensor line with a red dot and calls it "red dot for best azimuth" in the datasheets. This spot marks the best performance and contrast for your specific lens, making each lens unique. This is also the reason why Schneider decided to work with V-mounts. You can easily rotate your lens to the best position and fix it with the fixing screws.

Broadband coating

Offering a coating from 400 nm to 1000 nm Schneider stays true to their commitment to offer lenses which are suitable for almost all industrial lighting conditions.

Outstanding optical performance

The MTF (contrast) over the whole image circle is very homogenous, there is virtually no distortion. The word "vignetting" is unheard of with the DIAMOND lenses.


  • Magnifications: -2.6x, -3-5x (both optional with beamsplitter)
  • Initial aperture: 2.2-2.8
  • Filter thread: M40.5 x 0.5
  • Transmission: 400 - 1000 nm
  • Miscellaneous: V70 and V90 mount adaptable to M58, M72, M90 and M95 and there are various extension tubes to fit your needs

Renaming of Schneider-Kreuznach lenses

In order to make information more accessible, Schneider-Kreuznach has decided to restructure the lens range and rename the lenses accordingly. Following existing names, all product families will be named after gemstones.

Your benefit

  • You will be able to find a lens with specific features faster.
  • The naming is consistent across all documents, data and on the lens.
  • All features are transparent through the "descriptive name”. Our example below shows the current Xenoplan-M 2.0/28.

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Model Camera mount (optics) Focal length (mm) Max. sensor size Magnification (min) Magnification (max) Optimised magnification
SCHNEIDER DIAMOND 0.12/2.6x V70-BS V70 105.30 62.5 mm 2.800 2.5 2.60
SCHNEIDER DIAMOND 0.13/2.6x V70 V70 111.20 62.5 mm 2.5 2.60
SCHNEIDER DIAMOND 0.17/3.5x V90 V90 116.90 3.5 3.50
File Topics Size
Datasheet DIAMOND 0.12/2.6x V70-BS | 03/2022
Data sheets
1.1 MB
Datasheet DIAMOND 0.13/2.6x V70 | 03/2022
Data sheets
794.8 KB
Datasheet DIAMOND 0.16/3.5x V90-BS | 03/2022
Data sheets
1.1 MB
Datasheet DIAMOND 0.17/3.5x V90 | 03/2022
Data sheets
864.9 KB
Datasheet DIAMOND 0.22/5.2x V70 | 03/2022
Data sheets
821.5 KB
Datasheet DIAMOND 0.22/5.2x V70-BS | 03/2022
Data sheets
1.5 MB
Datasheet DIAMOND XL 0.16/3.33x V90-BS | 03/2022
Data sheets
1.1 MB
Datasheet DIAMOND XL 0.21/5.0x V70-BS | 03/2022
Data sheets
1.1 MB
Data sheets
433.3 KB
Data sheets
336.7 KB
Data sheets
927.0 KB
Data sheets
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