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Sill Optics Accessories

Accessories for various Sill lenses

These accessories offer useful additions to the Sill products. They include lens adaptors to mount lenses with differing back flange distances to various cameras, lens mountings to help integrate them into machines, protective windows for harsh environments, prism headers to deflect the beam path by 90° and non-polarised beam splitters and retardation plates for telecentric lenses with coaxial light inputs.

Non-polarised beamsplitter and retardation plates (λ/2, λ/4)

The standard lenses are delivered with a polarised beamsplitter. But now it is possible to change the beam splitter and include a non-polarised beamsplitter via a slot.

The homogeneity of the illumination at the lens with a coaxial light input can be increased with the retardation plates. With larger object sizes over 50 mm and with shiny object surfaces Sill recommend using their retardation plates.

Lens adaptor

Adaptors with different mounts depending on the mount of the camera and the lens. They are supplied for for differing back flange distances. These adaptors are mainly produced as customised parts for specific camera and lens combinations.

Lens mountings

Available for various Sill lenses depending on the outer dimensions of the lens. Customised versions are also available on request.

Protective windows

These can be mounted in front of the lens to protect them in harsh environments. They act as a sacrificial layer to the expensive Telecentric lens.

Prism headers

These prism headers deflect the beam path by 90° and can be mounted in front of telecentric Sill lenses.

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Mounting set for telecentric optics

  • only for SILL TZM or TZL optics
  • consisting of two holders:

1x for lenses with ...


Mounting Bracket Set for SILL TZC-1481/55-R