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Sill Optics TDL-UV

Bi-telecentric lenses for UV applications

This bi-telecentric lens series works with wavelengths between 365 - 405 nm or 380 - 450 nm and has fixed apertures. They are designed for a DMD (digital micromirror device) projection at a 12° angle of aperture.

The correction for a total internal reflection prism is already included. Of course these lenses can be used for other applications in the UV-A range as well. For a better comparison benchmark with the other series, the magnification stated is for imaging onto a sensor. For DMD applications, it is the reciprocal. The minimum pixel size is 8 µm.


  • Sensor size: 24.0 mm to 35 mm
  • Magnifications: 0.280x to 2.0x
  • Aperture: Fixed
  • Working distance: 12 mm to 93 mm
  • Lens mount and back flange distance: To defined by the customer
  • Distortion: max. <0.05 to 0.9%
  • NA: 0.05 to 0.3
  • Wavelength: 380 - 450 nm or 365 - 405 nm
  • Clear aperture: 24 mm to 83 mm
  • Length: 139 mm to 265.3 mm

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Model Manufacturer Magnification (max) Max. sensor size Working distance (mm)
SILL TZM 2620/0,28 UV Sill Optics 0.28 93.0
SILL TZM 2630/2,0 UV Sill Optics
SILL TZM 2645/0,70 UV Sill Optics 0.7 1.5" 65.3
SILL TZM 2650/1,0 UV Sill Optics 1.0 1.5" 37
SILL TZM 2655/1,5 UV Sill Optics 1.5 1.5" 12.0
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Sill Optics TDL UV S5LPJ2620
Data sheets
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Sill Optics TDL UV S5LPJ2645
Data sheets
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Sill Optics TDL UV S5LPJ2650
Data sheets
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