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Smart Vision Lights MOBL RGBW

Four colours in one backlight

With the new MOBL RGBW series, you can adapt the colour of your backlight to your object and optimise the contrast for every instance.

The MOBL (RGBW) backlight series is designed for maximum output and includes four tunable LED colours. Each colour is independent and can be tuned individually, allowing the light to output almost any colour imaginable. Efficient heat dissipation is achieved using the side extrusion. The 45 mm extrusion makes mounting the light easy when using drop-in T-nuts.

Reasons for the Smart Vision Lights MOBL RGBW backlights

Four different colours for best results

Four different colours (red, green, blue and white) and their combinations in one backlight. The colour can be set for each object. This helps to optimise the image contrast and the stability of your results.

Two versions in standard size options

The MOBL RGBW backlight itself is a current-driven unit (no internal driver, no 24 V!) and can be driven by an external controller of your choice. Smart Vision Lights advises to use the MOBL RGBW KIT including the MOBL RGBW backlight, an adapted 4-channel 4WMD controller and a 2 m jumper cable (5PM12-J2000-KR).

The MOBL RGBW backlights are available in the following sizes: 150 x 150 mm, 150 x 300 mm, 300 x 300 mm.

Multi-Drive controller with independent channels

The 4WMD Multi-Drive controller permits up to four individual channels to be tuned independently. The 4WMD controller has independent tuning controls and built-in Multi-Drive, allowing to control each channel separately in continuous operation or OverDrive strobe mode.

In addition, when in continuous operation mode, the intensity can be adjusted using the analogue signal line. Disabling a channel will turn off the colour tied to that channel. Each output channel has its own tuning control located on the front of the controller. The MOBL-RGBW and 4WMD need to be sized to match, which is the case with the MOBL RGBW KITs.

Perfect combination with the LLM Light Manager for sequencing

In combination with the LED Light Manager LLM the RGBW light can change colour following a predefined sequence. This allows you to get the best contrast depending on the colour of your object.

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  • Colours: 4 colours (R,G,B and W) in one backlight
  • Size: 3 different standard sizes: 50 x 150 mm, 150 x 300 mm and 300 x 300 mm
  • Versions available: the backlight only as a current-driven device and the MOBL RGBW KIT (backlight + 4WMD Multi-Drive controller and jumper cable)
  • Other: the system can be combined with the LED Light Manager LLM

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High power back light kit

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  • Emitting surface: 306 x ...
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