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Smart Vision Lights XR 256

  • High power, high speed LED strobe light with up to 5000 strobes per second
  • For illumination of big areas
  • Pulse following or pulse initiated operation
  • Very short time delay between trigger and light output
  • Protection against overheating to prevent product damage
  • Compact product for short ramp-up times: smart illumination that does not need any additional controller
  • Easy adaptation to your needs: selectable beam angle and various light colours simplify integration into existing systems
  • Strong basis for more accurate inspection results: the high amount of light provided allows for extremely short exposure times which results in clearer images with less motion blur
  • Productivity gain: LED lights have a much longer lifetime than Xenon lights and therefore less maintenance time and production stop for light exchange is needed

Markets & applications

  • Logistics
  • Print inspection
  • High-speed applications


  • Duty cycle: max. 2%
  • Pulse initiated strobe: 8 settings from 20 µs to 8 ms
  • Time delay: 1 µs - full on
  • Pulse following strobe: maximum strobe of 8 ms

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