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Teledyne DALSA Linea HS

Advanced high speed, high sensitivity TDI camera

Based on Teledyne DALSA’s industry leading CMOS TDI sensor with 8k and 16k, the Linea HS cameras are the most advanced TDI products in our portfolio.

Linea HS is a high speed and high sensitivity imaging line scan cameras series. It provides cutting edge performance based on multi-array charge-domain CMOS TDI technology, offering new capabilities including mono/HDR, multifield, and super-resolution imaging for demanding applications. With up to 128 TDI stages (plus an extra 64 in HDR mode) for unmatched sensitivity and incredibly low noise, Linea HS excels in the highest speed, lowest light applications.

The cameras come with the next-generation CLHS interface, delivering data of up to 5 Gigapixels per second over a single cable supporting error correction.

Reasons to select the Teledyne DALSA Linea HS

Precise inspection results even with difficult lighting conditions

The high resolution of the Linea HS shows the smallest details in the inspected object. This detail is not even lost in low light conditions due to the high responsitivity of the sensor. For unevenly lit scenes or objects with strong contrast, the camera can be set to the high dynamic range (HDR) mode. With 2 TDI arrays the dark and light areas can be imaged at the same time, thereby improving the inspection time throughput. It ensures that details have good contrast in both bright and dark parts of the image. This requires less effort for illumination setup and data preprocessing, while improving the image quality at the same time.

High data throughput for fast inspection tasks

The Linea HS delivers line rates of up to 300 kHz. The application profits from the bidirectionality, because multiple scans can be executed very quickly. Using the AOI and ROI capability of the Linea HS to only scan the relevant object areas, the amount of data that needs processing can be decreased. This saves CPU time, which in turn can be used to process more image data. As a result, actual inspection times can be reduced, while less CPU power is necessary due to the data reduction already performed within the camera.

High flexibility for different applications

The DALSA Linea HS monochrome offers a choice between 64 or 128 TDI (Time Delay Integration) rows in the main array, so you can adjust the number of lines used according to your current application requirements and light conditions. This makes it easy to react to changing application requirements.

Multiple areas of interest feature

The multi AOI feature allows the creation up to 4 AOIs. This can be useful when inspecting several separated lanes of objects with a single camera, just by ignoring the image area between these lanes. Acquiring only the relevant image content means a reduction of data to process. This relieves the actual image processing stage and gives room for either faster computation or allows for less powerful hardware systems. Faster transferring also offers the possibility to use more economic cabling configurations.

Multiple regions of interest (ROI) for flat field correction

Flat field correction (FFC) can be used to correct high intensity variations caused by either illumination or lensing. The device provides up to 4 regions within the pixel line to be specified for flat field correction. A well calibrated image improves and simplifies the image processing. It requires less complex image processing and therefore saves development time.


  • Resolution: 8160 or 16352 pixels
  • Sensor: highly sensitive monochrome CMOS TDI with 192 (128 + 64) rows
  • HDR mode image data is collected from 2 TDI arrays
  • Line rate: 300 kHz (monochrome)
  • Pixel size: 5 µm x 5 µm
  • Features: TDI row selection: 64 or 128 rows, multiple AOIs for data reduction, flat field correction, multifield configuration
  • Interface: CameraLink HS with direct fibre optic output of CX4 connector

Markets and Applications

  • Defect detection in flat panel display inspection
  • Solder joint inspection in PCB-AOI (automated optical inspection)
  • Film inspection
  • Defect detection in glass inspection
  • Print inspection
  • Large format web inspection
  • High performance machine vision

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Model Horizontal res. (Px) Max. line freq. (kHz) Interface Lens mount Sensor type Pixel size (µm) Sensor length (mm)
DALSA LINEA HS-FM-04K30H 4096 300.0 CameraLink HS M58 x 0.75 CMOS 5.00 20.48
DALSA LINEA HS-FM-08K30H 8192 280.0 CameraLink HS M58 x 0.75 CMOS 5.00 41.00
DALSA LINEA HS-FM-13K18H 13056 180.0 CameraLink HS M90 x 1 CMOS 5.00 62.40
DALSA LINEA HS-FM-16K15A 16384 143.0 CameraLink HS M90 x 1 CMOS 5.00 81.90
DALSA LINEA HS-HF-16K13T 16384 400.0 CameraLink HS M90 x 1 CMOS 5.00 81.92
DALSA LINEA HS-HM-08K30H 8192 300.0 CameraLink HS M58 x 0.75 CMOS 5.00 41.00
DALSA LINEA HS-HM-08K40H 8192 40.0 CameraLink HS M58 x 0.75 CMOS 5.00 41.00
DALSA LINEA HS-HM-13K30H 13056 300.0 CameraLink HS M90 x 1 CMOS 5.00 81.90
DALSA LINEA HS-HM-16K30H 16384 300.0 CameraLink HS M90 x 1 CMOS 5.00 81.90
DALSA LINEA HS-HM-32K40S 32768 400.0 CameraLink HS M90 x 1 CMOS 5.00 81.90
DALSA LINEA ML-FC-08K07N 8192 70.0 CameraLink HS M58 x 0.75 CMOS 5.00 41.00
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DALSA Linea HS 32K 400kHz | 2021/06
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DALSA Linea HS Color 16K Multi Array | 2021/06
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DALSA Linea HS Multifield 16K 400kHz | 2021/06
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Teledyne Dalsa Linea HS 4K/8K/13K/16K | 03-032-20296-02 R02
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Teledyne Dalsa Linea HS 4k/8K/13K/16K | 2021/06
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