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Teledyne DALSA Linea Lite

Linea Lite compact line scan camera delivering both speed and responsivity

The Teledyne DALSA Linea Lite is designed to suit many application and offers customers a choice between high full well mode or high responsivity mode, via easy to configure gain settings.

The camera is available in 2K and 4K resolution and in a first step in monochrome and at a later stage with bilinear colour output. Linea Lite has all the essential line scan features, including multiple regions of interest (ROI), programmable coefficient sets, precision time protocol (PTP), and TurboDrive.

The GenICam compliant Linea Lite is easy to set-up and integrate with either Teledyne DALSA Sapera, Common Vision Blox or any other GenICam compliant software.

Reasons to choose the Teledyne DALSA Linea Lite

Flexible bandwidth limit with burst mode

With the burst mode, the line rate can be increased beyond the GigE Vision bandwidth limitation. By combining the high data acquisition rate in the on-board image buffer and comprehen­sive cycling modes and readout control, applications with fast burst acquisition can be realised. In this mode, images can be acquired at a maximum line rate of the sensor with the data buffered on the main storage of the camera. The buffered data is only transferred during camera idle times e.g. when a conveyor belt moves forward.

Speed up with TurboDrive

The TurboDrive feature allows an increase of the frame rate while loss-less data compression and transmission via Gigabit Ethernet extend the capability of the data throughput (typically 115 MB/s) achievable with GigE Vision systems. Still, all the benefits of GigE networks - like mass-market components and protocols and Ethernet technology for fast and inexpensive communication for distances of up to 100 m - can be used. Engineers can therefore use proven technology, keeping design and support easy, while there is a lot of potential to increase the speed of the application.

Multiple ROI feature

The Linea Lite supports up to 4 regions of interest (ROI) within the image. Less image data lowers the bandwidth required, which results in an increased frame rate. As the host software does not need to extract the regions of interest anymore, data processing on the host becomes faster.

Flexibility for a wide range of applications

No matter your application, Linea Lite is flexible enough to handle a wide variety of tasks, with features to help you detect what’s critical. High sensitivity mode to see weaker signals. Enhanced SNR mode to handle the brightest light sources and discern details in the brightest region of your images. HDR mode to simultaneously resolve bright and dark features. Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) to run all of this power through a single cable. And all of this fits neatly in a package optimised for size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C).


  • Sensor: single-line CMOS line sensor (monochrome models)
  • Resolution: 2K and 4K pixel size 7µm or 14µm pixels
  • Interface: GigE Vision and Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Line rate: up to 50 kHz
  • Features: TurboDrive, burst mode, HDR imaging, programmable GPIOs, multiple regions of interest (ROI) for calibration and data reduction; Precise Time Protocol (PTP)
  • Configuration: GenICam or ASCII command compatible interfaces
  • Lens mount: M42
  • I/O: programmable trigger, signal and synchronisation
  • Operating temperature: -10 °C up to 65 °C

Markets and Applications

  • Automated optical inspection
  • Battery inspection
  • Food packaging
  • Wood inspection
  • Printed materials inspection
  • Materials grading and inspection
  • Web inspection

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Model Horizontal res. (Px) Max. line freq. (kHz) Interface Lens mount Sensor type Pixel size (µm) Sensor length (mm)
DALSA LINEA LITE L2-GC-02K02B-00-A New model 2048 25.0 Gigabit Ethernet M42 x 1 CMOS 14.00 28.67
DALSA LINEA LITE L2-GC-04K01B-00-A New model 4096 12.5 Gigabit Ethernet M42 x 1 CMOS 7.00 28.67
DALSA LINEA LITE L2-GM-02K05B-00-A 2048 50.0 Gigabit Ethernet M42 x 1 CMOS 14.00 28.67
DALSA LINEA LITE L2-GM-04K02B-00-A 4096 25.0 Gigabit Ethernet M42 x 1 CMOS 7.00 28.67
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DALSA Linea Lite Mono | 1.0.
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