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Xenics Gobi

Affordable LWIR infrared camera

The Xenics Gobi series is a range of smart, affordable, uncooled microbolometer long-wave infrared (LWIR) cameras for thermal imaging in a very compact housing. With excellent image quality, high thermal resolution (0.050° C) and accurate thermal quality control, Gobi guarantees to be a versatile industrial tool.

The camera offers frame rates of up to 50 Hz and can be supplied with the optional thermography calibration.

The Xeneth software with an SDK and a Graphical User Interface allows easy set-up and control of infrared cameras and acquisition of images.

Reasons to choose the Xenics Gobi

Reveals properties not visible with other technologies

The particular technology used by Xenics ensures minimal thermal crosstalk beteween the detector elements, resulting in an exceptional resolution. As a result, it makes thermal radiation visible in a way that processes can be observed that are invisible to other technologies. With radiometric calibration, it is even possible to measure absolute temperatures in the images.

Simple system integration

The cameras offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of frame rate, integration time, user interface and temperature range, enabling the user to fully adapt it to the given application. The Xeneth SDK and graphical user interface offer access to all camera functions, without the need to be a thermal camera expert.

Proven industrial interfaces

The series offers standard interfaces as CameraLink and Ethernet (GigE Vision with PoE) for an easy and flexible connection to the PC. Thanks to these standardized industrial imaging interfaces, a wide variety of vision software can be used for data processing.

High degree of protection

The Gobi has been designed to resist shocks up to 40 G for 11 ms (according to MIL-STD810G) and vibrations up to 5 G (20 Hz to 2,000 Hz) without being damaged. This is a particular advantage for mobile or aerial applications.

Xeneth: Graphical user interface to setup, control, record and measure temperature

Xeneth is a graphical user interface that allows for easy set-up and control of infrared cameras and acquisition of images. All IR camera control settings such as integration time, AD settings, detector temperature and gain can be optimised by the user.

Nearly all settings can be uploaded to the cameras after their configuration for a smooth standalone operation with e.g. 3rd party machine vision applications.

The standard software is supplied, for free, with every Xenics camera for easy set-up and control of the camera.

The technology behind uncooled microbolometers

An uncooled microbolometer consists of thermally isolated ‘microbridges’, with a temperature sensitive material deposited on top. The temperature sensitive material can be either vanadium oxide (V2O5), amorphous silicon (a-Si) or silicon germanium (poly-SiGe). The microbridges are surface micromachined directly on the circuits. Because the IR absorbing microbridges are thermally isolated from the rest of the sensor, this allows the IR energy that is absorbed by each pixel to remain unaffected by the energy in the rest of the sensor, increasing the image fidelity.

Xenics microbolometer cameras use this microbridge technology which allows the construction of contact supports that exhibit an optimum compromise between good electrical conductivity, essential to read-out the pixel elements, and a poor thermal contact, which prevents thermal ‘leakage’ of the absorbed radiation.


  • Sensor: uncooled microbolometer (a-Si) with array operability >99%, rolling shutter
  • Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
  • Frame rate: up to 50 Hz (full frame)
  • Responsitivity: 8–14 µm
  • Features: non-uniformity correction via DSP, several gain modes
  • I/O: LV CMOS (low voltage V Schmitt-trigger input)
  • Interface: CameraLink or GigE Vision (PoE)
  • Camera Configuration: fully GenICam compliant; using Xenics Xeneth Software or any other SDK
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 60°C
  • Protection: high shock and vibration resistance

Markets and Applications

  • Detection of thermal radiation to see hot or cold process failures in PCB inspection
  • Security and surveillance applications, like remote coastal sensing
  • Paint inspection in art restoration or material science
  • Thermal engine management, pipeline monitoring, waste combustion in industrial facilities
  • Medical imaging tasks like screening for contagious diseases in locations such as airports

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Model Resolution (MP) Frame rate (Hz) Interface Lens mount Horizontal res. (Px) Vertical res. (Px) Manufacturer
XENICS GOBI-PLUS-640-17-50-9HZ-GE New model 0.3 9.0 Gigabit Ethernet M42 x 1, M35 x 0.75 640 480 Xenics
XENICS GOBI-PLUS-640-17-50-CL New model 0.3 60.0 CameraLink M42 x 1, M35 x 0.75 640 480 Xenics
XENICS GOBI-PLUS-640-17-50-GE New model 0.3 60.0 Gigabit Ethernet M42 x 1, M35 x 0.75 640 480 Xenics
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