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Z-Laser ZM18

Versatile industrial grade diode lasers

The Z-Laser ZM18 family is a long-standing and robust product for industrial image processing applications. With a Ø 20mm laser head and an M18 thread, the ZM18 models are easy to integrate and can be used in a variety of ways.

ZM18 diode lasers feature an easy in-situ lens focusing system. This way, rotating the laser or the projection image becomes dispensable. Lasers are available in four configurations providing different levels of control.

Reasons to select the Z-Laser ZM18

Wide range of functionality

The ZM18 series comprises four models with a well defined set of functionality. The base model B is characterised by its simplicity. It features an on/off control, but without intensity adjustment or triggering. The standard S3 model provides intensity adjustment using an analog modulation and fast switching of up to 500 kHz frequency (digital TTL trigger). This allows adjustment of the intensity and switching the laser at short intervals. The high-end H3 model is based on the S3 (TTL frequency limited to 100 kHz). In addition, it features internal monitoring and storage of operating parameters (temperature, run time) for fault detection and lifetime prediction purposes. The DM53 is an additional model particularly developed for low power applications with space restrictions. It is based on the B mode, additionally equipped with a TTL input line (100 kHz), that runs on 4-6 V. It's housing has been optimized to the shortest possible form factor.

Available in a variety of wavelengths and intensities

All ZM18 models are available in the colors red an infrared. The high end version is also available with a blue diode and the base version with a green diode. For each colour different wavelengths can be chosen. ZM18 lasers are also available in a broad variety of intensities from 1 to 200 mW. Both properties make the ZM18 a standard product that easily adapts to most requirements in image processing applications.

Broad selection of lens configuration options

Lens options are: Powell and Gaussian lenses for line projections as well as various diffractive optic elements such as cross or multi line projections, circular and elliptical dots.

Robust, industrial grade housing

The Z-laser diode lasers are installed in a compact, water resistant housing with IP67 protection class. Connected with an M18 male thread for standard sensors and a supply voltage between 5 VDC and 30 VDC (between 4 VDC and 6 VDC for the DM53 version), it allows easy integration into industry environments.


  • Wavelength: 405, 450, 520, 532, 635, 638, 640, 660, 685, 785, 808, 830 nm
  • Lens options: various projection patterns
  • Working distance: 100 mm (green: 200 mm)
  • Focus: simple hand focusing mechanism
  • I/O: analog and TTL modes, up to 500 kHz (model dependent)
  • Output power: Up to 200 mW (model dependent)
  • Fault control: LED codes, internal storage of temperature, uptime and other parameters (model dependent), APC function for constant light output
  • Power supply: 5-30 VDC
  • Protection class: IP67
  • Mechanical mount: M18 thread

Markets and Applications

  • 3D laser triangulation
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Metrology systems
  • Medical applications