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Zeiss OTUS

Ultra high-performance large format lenses

With an outstanding minimum pixel size of 2 µm the Zeiss Otus lenses retain a 43 mm image circle and are available with F-mount with a 46.5 mm flange focal distance.

All three lenses in the family offer very wide apertures from F/1.4 to solve the most demanding applications with regards to resolution.


  • Image circle: 43mm
  • Focal length: 28 mm, 55 mm, 85 mm
  • Lens mount: F-mount
  • Minimum pixel size: 2.0 µm
  • Miscellaneous: no locking screws for focus or aperture

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Model Image circle (mm) Filter thread Camera mount (optics) M.O.D. (mm) Focal length (mm) Max. sensor size Min. pixel size Aperture
ZEISS DISTAGON T 1,4/28 ZF 2 43.00 M95 x 1.0 Nikon F-Mount 150.0 28.00 43.3 mm 2.50 F 1.40
ZEISS DISTAGON T 1,4/55 ZF 2 43.00 M77 x 0.75 Nikon F-Mount 330.0 55.00 43.3 mm 2.50 F 1.40
ZEISS DISTAGON T 1,4/85 ZF 2 43.00 M86 x 1.0 Nikon F-Mount 800.0 85.00 43.3 mm 2.50 F 1.40