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Pelltier cooled monochrome Scientific CMOS camera

  • 1.2" (G2020BSI) Backside-illuminated (BSI) sCMOS sensor with Rolling Shutter
  • 2048 (H) x 2048 (V) pixel with 6.5µm pixel size
  • Active sensor size: 13.3 mm x 13.3mm
  • Special features: White balance, Exposure, 3D denoise, Gamma, Gain, Contrast, Saturation, Flat fielding, Auto level
  • Quantum efficiency 95%@550nm
  • External trigger mode: Standard/Synchronous/Global trigger
  • Exposure mode: Auto/Manual - Exposure time: 0.014ms-10s
  • Frame rate: 35 images/s at full resolution
  • Cooling Method: Peltier cooling
  • Cooling temperature: Forced air( Ambient at +25℃):-10 ℃
  • Dark current: 0.9 electrons/pixel/s(-10 ℃)(typ.) CMS
  • Full well capacity: 45,000e-
  • Dynamic range: 86dB
  • Digital Output via USB3.0
  • Power consumption: 12VDC, 50W
  • Dimensions: 120 x 119 x 121 (W x H x D in mm)
  • Lens mount for C-Mount
  • Usable PC software: Mosaic, LabVIEW, Matlab and Micromanager
  • Compatible OS: Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Including Power supply
Product features
Vertical res. (Px) 2040
Spectral sensitivity Monochrome / UV
Shutter type Rolling shutter
Sensor type sCMOS
Sensor size (mm) 18.80
Sensor model G2020 BSI
Sensor format 1.2"
Sensor configuration Single sensor
Scan type Area
Pixel size (µm) 6.50
Resolution (MP) 4.2
Manufacturer Tucsen
Lens mount C-Mount
Interface configuration USB3.0
Interface CameraLink / USB
Housing Large format
Horizontal res. (Px) 2048
Frame rate (Hz) 40.0 / 74.0
Bit depth 16