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CEI Components Express

Components Express is a global supplier and manufacturer of high quality flexible cabling solutions for the imaging and vision market.

CEI is an active member of multiple associations, including EMVA and AIA and has been certified to a wide range of standards: ISO 9001:2015, BEP Certified, IDHR 110308-0 and ITAR registered M28461. The products are compliant with the following standards: UL, CSA, CE, RoHS, Reach, LSZH, DOD MIL-SPEC, Cage: 0VUX5. Additionally, CEI's extensive product development and engineering support is recognised throughout the industry as being at the forefront of cabling technology.

One key reason STEMMER IMAGING partnered with CEI is their focus on quality and testing. CEI was one of the first companies to integrate data integrity testing for all CameraLink cables such that all cables can be provided with test data. CEI have manufacturing capability in the US and China enabling both cost-effective volume manufacturing and flexible fast turn around specials.

CEI BitMaxx

Extended length cables for CameraLink

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CEI extends its Mini-CL connector range


CEI Components Express is known worldwide as manufacturer of cabling for image processing. The company has now extended its range of connectors and offers new versions of Mini-CameraLink connections.

CEI: New Cabling and Connectors for CoaXPress and USB3


Our cabling partner, Components Express (CEI) continuously expands their impressive portfolio. In addition to machine vision cabling for HS?Link, CoaXPress and USB 3.0, the American manufacturer now offers a variety of new connector types.

BitMaxx for greater CameraLink cable lengths


The maximum transmission distance of standard CameraLink is 10 meters, however, practical experience shows that it is impossible to guarantee proper operation of 85 MHz cameras over this distance without data loss. Although special long-distance (LD) cables allow for longer distances, these solutions depend greatly on the transfer rate.
The new BitMaxx products from CEI allow for greater transmission distances at higher frequencies. Thus, it is possible for a 85-MHz camera in CameraLink 'Base' mode to transfer data up to 16 meters. For 40 MHz cameras it is even possible to operate them reliably at a distance of up to 25?meters.
The BitMaxx system for CameraLink is not limited to CameraLink Base configurations: there are also solutions for medium and full configurations.
A separate power supply is connected to the image acquisition side, thus the BitMaxx system significantly extends the maximum possible cable lengths for CameraLink applications.

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