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Kowa Optimed Deutschland GmbH

Over the past years, Kowa is gradually expanding its portfolio of Megapixel C-mount lenses, 3CCD lenses, telecentric lenses, and large format lenses. All machine vision lenses are designed and manufactured in Japan.




From visible to SWIR: corrected lens with transmission from 450 nm up to 2000 nm with reduced focus shift.

Kowa LM-VM

High-quality 50 megapixel lenses with a 2" image circle and for sensors up to a diameter of 32 mm.

Kowa LMFC24M

Ultra high resolution lens series for 24MP cameras with a chip size of 1.1" and optimised for Sony image sensors

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Datasheet and drawing Data sheets 1.0 MB
Datasheet and drawing Data sheets 1.0 MB
Datasheet and drawing Data sheets 74.2 KB
Datasheet and drawing Data sheets 1.0 MB
Datasheet with drawing Data sheets 1.0 MB
Kowa LM12FC Data sheets 90.8 KB
Kowa LM16JC5MC | 2019/12 Data sheets 94.7 KB
Kowa LM25JC5MC | 2019/12 Data sheets 91.2 KB

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Flight test passed


Wolf GmbH uses a sorting system from BT-Anlagenbau for the reliable detection of synthetic intestine residues, some of which are as small as 1mm2 on Berner sausages, and to detect contaminated products. The key elements of these systems are machine vision components from STEMMER IMAGING combined with smart imaging software and a precise sorting system from BT-Anlagenbau, which enable the inspection of sausages in flight during the production process.

New Kowa 1.1" 12MP lens series optimised for Sony sensors


The new FC series of 1.1" C-Mount lenses from Kowa has been designed for use with 12 megapixel sensors with an image circle up to 17.6 mm. They are optimised to prevent unwanted shading on the new Sony IMX253 and IMX304 CMOS sensors by matching with the micro lenses on the sensors’ 3.45 µm pixels.

High resolution lenses offer improved image quality


STEMMER IMAGING is adding further options to its range of high resolution lenses for machine vision with 9, 10 and 12 Megapixel lenses from Ricoh, Tamron and Kowa.

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