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LMI Technologies

LMI Technologies is a leading manufacturer of non-contact 3D smart sensors for inline factory automation, quality inspection, and material optimisation applications.

The award-winning FactorySmart™ solutions from LMI Technologies improve the quality and efficiency of factory production by providing fast, accurate, reliable inspection solutions that leverage smart 3D technologies. Unlike contact based measurement or 2D vision, the products remove complexity and dramatically reduce implementation cost while achieving repeatable, highly accurate measurement.


LMI Technologies


A cost-effective hardware solution that allows you to accelerate any Gocator sensor.

LMI Gocator 2500

An extremely fast, very compact and advanced Gocator laser line profiler designed for the inspection of small parts.

LMI Gocator 2800

Dual triangulation laser line smart sensor

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LMI Gocator 1300 Data sheets 277.3 KB
LMI Gocator 2100 datasheet Data sheets 492.6 KB
LMI Gocator 2300 Data sheets 386.3 KB
LMI Gocator 2410/2420 datasheet Data sheets 349.2 KB
LMI Gocator 2430/2440 datasheet Data sheets 383.7 KB
LMI Gocator 2880 Data sheets 341.1 KB
LMI Gocator 3210 | V1 Data sheets 424.9 KB
LMI Gocator 3506 | V1.3 Data sheets 471.9 KB

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Direct interfacing of smart 3D vision system with robots


The use of small to medium-sized collaborative robots for factory automation applications is growing at a rapid rate. Many of these applications are pick-and-place, so the robots require machine vision to visualize the scene, process information to make control decisions and execute precision-based mechanical movements.

3D smart laser profiler for scanning glass


The new Gocator 2512 smart profiler from LMI Technologies features specialised laser technology for high-precision 3D scanning of specular materials such as glass, polished metals and plastics. Uniquely, it can deliver 3D shape data from specular and diffuse surfaces in a single scan. Embedded tools provide exceptional GD&T measurement capabilities for assemblies containing transparent, anti-glare, coated/uncoated, low/high contrast, UV, glossy and other surfaces. A wide FOV reduces the need for additional sensors, minimising system cost and complexity.

High speed, high resolution inline smart 3D inspection


The introduction of new Gocator® laser line profilers, snapshot sensors and the GoMax plug and play smart vision accelerator by LMI Technologies transforms inline quality inspection capabilities. The 2500 series of smart sensors are the fastest, most compact, and advanced Gocator® 3D laser line profilers to date. The Gocator 3504 is the highest XY resolution 3D snapshot sensor on the market today. GoMax® can accelerate any Gocator® by adding massive GPU-driven data processing power to the sensor (or sensor network).

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