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Metaphase Technologies

Since 1993, Metaphase Technologies has been developing products that advance "the quality of light" through engineering and manufacturing uniform diffuse high- and ultra-brightness LED illumination for machine vision, military and specialty lighting applications.

Metaphase Technologies boasts expertise in engineering flexible lighting solutions for ease of integration into a vision system design. Metaphase LED illumination currently help solve thousands of application challenges throughout the world, including vision guided robotics, automation systems, and line scan application units across the machine vision industry. With production facilities just north of Philadelphia, PA, (USA) and a global sales network, Metaphase Technologies is able to react quickly and flexibly to special demands from continuously growing international markets.

All Metaphase illuminators require a 24 VDC power supply.

Metaphase TX backlight series

Backlight series providing impressive intensity and uniformity across the full array suitable for the most demanding machine vision applications.

Metaphase MetaBright MB-CODL

Combination of a dome and coaxial illumination in a singel device.

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MB-CDT Series Data sheets 364.8 KB
MB-RBL-Series Data sheets 394.8 KB
Metaphase Dome Light Data sheets 153.2 KB
Metaphase Eclipser Data sheets 380.7 KB
Metaphase Exolight ISO | 2017 Data sheets 958.4 KB
Metaphase Exolight ISO2 | 2017 Data sheets 378.9 KB
Metaphase MB-CBL Data sheets 354.8 KB
Metaphase UL-LL Series Data sheets 328.7 KB

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Flight test passed


Wolf GmbH uses a sorting system from BT-Anlagenbau for the reliable detection of synthetic intestine residues, some of which are as small as 1mm2 on Berner sausages, and to detect contaminated products. The key elements of these systems are machine vision components from STEMMER IMAGING combined with smart imaging software and a precise sorting system from BT-Anlagenbau, which enable the inspection of sausages in flight during the production process.

Metaphase IP67 barlights


When developing the Metabright Robolights MB-RBL barlight series Metaphase has put special emphasis on a rugged design to make them adaptable for use in harsh industrial environments.

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