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Established in 2010, Neousys Technology designs and manufactures industrial grade rugged embedded modules and systems with core expertise ranging from embedded computing to data acquisition and processing.

Neousys Ethernet frame grabber card

Network adapter with 2 or 4 Ethernet ports

Neousys Nuvo-9000

The Neousys Nuvo-9000 series of rugged embedded computers is based on the Intel 12th-Gen Alder Lake platform. Benefiting from cutting-edge Intel 7 photolithography, the latest Core desktop processor comes with up to 16 cores and 24 threads and presents an incredible boost of computing performance.

Neousys Nuvo-8108GC-QD

Industrial-grade edge AI platform specially designed for NVIDIA RTX A6000 and RTX A4500 GPU cards

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Neousys Nuvo-7000E/P/DE Data sheets 1.3 MB
Neousys Nuvo-7000LP Data sheets 575.2 KB
Neousys Nuvo-8108GC Data sheets 294.6 KB
Neousys Nuvo-8108GC-XL Data sheets 962.1 KB
Neousys Nuvo-8208GC Data sheets 229.0 KB
Neousys POC-400 Data sheets 337.6 KB
Neousys POC-500 Data sheets 739.2 KB
Neousys SEMIL-1700 Data sheets 830.4 KB

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