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In 2008 Optotune invented a new principle for focus-tunable lenses based on elastic polymer membranes, which allows for focusing electrically within milliseconds free of mechanics. Since then the technology has matured and today Optotune provides cutting-edge focusing solutions for several industries including machine vision, lighting, laser processing and ophthalmology – all manufactured in Switzerland.

While Optotune's R&D team, which has grown to over 30 engineers, continues to innovate and further develop a variety of adaptive optical components, the use of focus tunable lenses in machine vision and microscopy has become one of the company's main applications.

Recent development improved the focus reproducibility by using temperature compensation schemes or even integrated optical feedback, so that customers can also control the lenses in an open loop environment. Furthermore, Optotune provides a driver for all lenses including open communication protocols to facilitate system integration.



Optotune Electrical lens drivers

Optotune USB Lens Driver

Optotune EL
  • Focus-tunable lenses to enhance conventional lenses to adjust focal length within milliseconds
  • Adds versatility and flexibility to your optical system while keeping it compact
  • Simple installation into existing systems

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Tech trend: Brought into focus at lightning speed


Variable focal length lenses enable rapid focusing in image-processing applications where the working distance between the object and the camera system is frequently changing.

STEMMER IMAGING to sell tunable polymer lenses for machine vision


STEMMER IMAGING has signed an agreement with the Swiss company Optotune AG for the distribution of their range of polymer lenses.

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