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Optronis GmbH

Optronis, located in Kehl/Germany, provides ultra high-speed and streak cameras that are easy to use and integrate and are ideal for capturing ultra-fast moving events of different types in scientific and industrial applications.

With many years of experience in engineering ultra-fast measurement solutions, Optronis provides not only high quality standard products and services, but also custom-designed systems to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements.

  • Over 20 years of experience working with research institutions and industry
  • Competent team for consulting, system development and application advice
  • Standard and customised cameras for specific requirements



Optronis CamPerform Cyclone

High-Speed CMOS cameras with a bandwidth of up to 50Gb per second and CoaXPress interface.

Optronis CamPerform

Highly sensitive high speed camera with CMOS sensor and CoaXPress interface.

Optronis CamRecord Sprinter/CR

High-speed CMOS camera for real-time data recording with monochrome and colour models available, equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet interface.

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File Topics Size
CamPerform CP70-1-MC-1000 Data sheets 462.3 KB
CamPerform CP70-12-MC-188 Data sheets 451.2 KB
CamPerform CP70-HD-MC-900 Data sheets 451.9 KB
CamPerform CP90-25-MC-72 Data sheets 460.3 KB
CamPerform CP90-25P-MC-72 Data sheets 460.4 KB
CamPerform CP90-3-MC-540 Data sheets 460.4 KB
CamPerform CP90-4-MC-500 Data sheets 460.4 KB
CamRecord CR-Sprinter-HD (CR-S3500) Data sheets 493.4 KB

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Fast global shutter and ultra-high frame rates for high speed measurements


As one of the first to feature a CXP-12 interface, the Optronis CamPerform Cyclone series of high-speed cameras are sure to create excitement in the machine vision sector. Thanks to the new CXP-12 interface and four CXP-12 channels they can achieve an unprecedented overall data transfer rate of 50 Gbit/s.

New high speed camera for motion analysis


The new Optronis CamRecord Sprinter-FHD offers full HD resolution at more than 1,800 fps for recording and analysing fast processes in fault analysis, quality assurance and ballistics.

New Optronis slow-motion camera with novel data transfer


The new Optronis CR-S3500 Sprinter slow-motion camera features an integrated SSD data back-up capability. This speeds up data transfer of recorded sequences for analysis on a PC by 6 times compared to the use of a GigE interface for the transfer.

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