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Sill Optics

Since its foundation in 1894, Sill Optics has been designing and manufacturing optical components of the highest quality. "100 % Made in Germany" stands for extensive knowledge and best quality manufactured in-house.

With a vast range of modular optical components Sill Optics offers OEM customers the possibility of supplying customer specific lenses. Designs can range from simple lens elements to complete optical subsystems with integrated illumination.

How to find the right lens

To ease the selection of the correct lens from a range of over 100 options, we have grouped the lenses into series. Each series has the same working distance, minimum pixel size and similar length and is therefore easily interchangeable.

All Sill Optics lenses are object-side telecentric unless otherwise stated and all resolution and minimum pixel sizes are measured at an illumination wavelength of 586 nm. Many models are available with coaxial illumination.

Modifications and special requests

If you are not able to find the right lens for your requirements, please get in touch with our team. In many cases it is possible to modify existing lenses to meet your needs. Parameters such as working distance, diameter or camera mount can be modified or varied. Using individually manufactured adapters, tubes, mounting kits or deflection units, the lenses can be exactly adjusted to your requirements. It is also possible to calculate and design a new lens according to your exact specifications.

For applications with vibrating or moving systems such as robots, it is possible to order a glued version of the lens (/VKL) to ensure a long life with no mechanical loosening.


Sill Optics

Sill Optics Telecentric LED condenser

Homogeneous and high intensity telecentric LED condenser series 

Sill Optics TD

Bi-telecentric lenses for a wide range of applications 

Sill Optics Compact

Compact telecentric lenses under 200 mm in length 

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CAD: Sill Optics S5LPJ2060 STEP Data sheets 241.3 KB
CAD: Sill Optics S5LPJ2499 STEP Data sheets 112.2 KB
CAD: Sill Optics S5LPJ2660 STEP Data sheets 131.8 KB
CAD: Sill Optics S5LPJ4425 STEP Data sheets 102.3 KB
CAD: Sill Optics S5LPJ5060 STEP Data sheets 95.6 KB
CAD: Sill Optics S5LPJ7266 STEP Data sheets 650.3 KB
CAD: Sill Optics S6IRI1481 STEP Data sheets 93.2 KB
CAD: Sill Optics S6IRI1530 STEP Data sheets 158.3 KB

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Sill Optics presents a new compact telecentric lens for 24 x 36 mm cameras


Sill Optics' S5LPJ5066 Correctal TL/1.5 telecentric lens has been developed especially for use with large matrix and line sensors.

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