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STEMMER IMAGING has been one of the leaders in the machine vision market since 1987. It is one of Europe's largest technology providers in this field. In 1997 STEMMER IMAGING presented Common Vision Blox (CVB), a powerful programming library for fast and reliable development and implementation of vision solutions, which has been deployed successfully throughout the world in more than 80,000 imaging applications in various industries.

Due to the long-term practical experience in a variety of industries STEMMER IMAGING knows exactly the crucial factors for the successful and efficient solution of applications.

Based on this background STEMMER IMAGING developed the platform-independent image processing software Common Vision Blox. Thanks to its enormous versatility and flexibility, Common Vision Blox is one of the most powerful software libraries available for the development of image processing applications. The developers can chose from a variety of tools such as search tools, tools for OCR and barcode identification, for gauging, surface inspection and many more.

CVB Spectral

CVB Spectral is a new tool, introduced with CVB 2019, for the acquisition and basic processing of hyperspectral data.

CVC 9000

Fanless embedded GigE Vision systems for a large scope of applications

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CVS Image Station Micro Data sheets 622.8 KB
CVS ImageStation RS Data sheets 289.8 KB
GigE CAT5e Track chain cable Data sheets 165.7 KB
GigE CAT6 Robotic cable Data sheets 165.2 KB
GigE Vision Accessories Data sheets 161.8 KB
GigE Vision in practice Data sheets 880.0 KB
Protective Camera Housings Data sheets 146.4 KB
Tamron M23FM06 Data sheets 159.9 KB

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Successful first stop of the Machine Vision Technology Forum Tour


Innovations, ideas and practical examples

The machine vision community including both experts and novices currently have the opportunity to learn about industry trends and discuss ideas and projects throughout Europe. For the fourth time, STEMMER IMAGING is organising the Machine Vision Technology Forum Tour. With over 1,000 visitors in Germany, the Netherlands and France, the kick-off events have broken a record. The tour continues to Sweden and UK.

STEMMER IMAGING publishes preliminary figures 2018/2019


Strong final quarter underlines Group's expansion course

  • Successful fourth quarter with sales up 14.7% thanks to strong project business
  • Revenue improves by 8.3% to EUR 109.0 million in 2018/2019 (previous year: EUR 100.6 million)
  • Integration costs in the first half of the year burden the adjusted operating profit (EBITDA), EBITDA amounts to EUR 10.0 million (previous year: EUR 10.6 million)
  • Regional coverage of European market completed by acquisitions; seamlessly commenced integration process of Infaimon S.L.
Computational imaging for cultural heritage


Image processing has established itself as an effective method for quality assurance in production and the detection of errors and is used primarily for this purpose. ARTMYN proves that this technology is also suitable for applications in completely different areas: The Swiss company uses vision systems based on STEMMER IMAGING components to open up new insights into the world of art.