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Tucsen / Indigo

Tucsen is a scientific camera manufacturer for digital imaging devices and develops individual camera solutions for its partners’ specific projects and offers the entire range of services, from the imaging concept to planning, camera design and production.

With ongoing consistent dedication to imaging technology innovation and quality control, Tucsen has been a reliable partner for research; industrial vision; medical imaging and life science industry, offering advanced technological and scientific solutions around imaging devices and software development. Specialized business units operate hand in hand with Tucsen’s partners and the experienced R&D team provides design assistance and substantial technical support. Drawing on its breadth of technology and depth of experience developing state of the art solutions for worldwide customers.



Tucsen Dhyana

Versatile high performance sCMOS camera with unrivalled image quality.

Tucsen TrueChrome Metrics
  • Low cost measurement camera
  • Stand alone operation or connection to PC possible
  • Very easy and intuitive user interface

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File Topics Size
Datasheet TrueChrome Metrics | 2.0 Data sheets 586.2 KB
Tucsen Dhyana 400BSI | 1.0 Data sheets 1.3 MB
Tucsen Dhyana 400BSI V2.0 | 1.0 Data sheets 289.6 KB
Tucsen Dhyana 400DC | 1.0 Data sheets 1.2 MB
Tucsen Dhyana 95 | 1.0 Data sheets 2.6 MB

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