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Carl Zeiss AG is a long-established German manufacturer of optical equipment. Founded in 1846 and originally located in Jena, the headquarters are now located in Oberkochen in the South of Germany.

Carl Zeiss AG employs about 24,000 people worldwide with 2,000 working in research. The level of innovation of the company is outstanding with 60 % of the products being less than six years old. As an example of the reliability of Zeiss products, NASA decided on Zeiss lenses for the first manned landing on the moon and Carl Zeiss has won three technology Oscars from the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences. More and more users in the fields of imaging and machine vision are deciding to use Zeiss lenses for their applications.



Zeiss Dimension

Ultra high-performance C-mount lenses

Zeiss OTUS

Ultra high-performance lens with minimum pixel size of 2 µm

Zeiss Interlock Compact

Large format lenses with a M42-mount and 18 mm flange focal distance

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File Topics Size
Zeiss Distagon T2.0 35 ZF 2 Milvus | 2017/04 Data sheets 431.4 KB
Zeiss Distagon T2.8 21 ZF 2 Milvus | 2017/04 Data sheets 419.9 KB
Zeiss Interlock 2,0/50 | 2018/04 Data sheets 318.4 KB
Zeiss Interlock 2,8/21 | 2018/04 Data sheets 320.4 KB
Zeiss Planar T1.4 50 ZF 2 Milvus | 2017/04 Data sheets 404.1 KB
Zeiss Planar T1.4 85 ZF 2 Milvus | 2017/04 Data sheets 390.1 KB
Zeiss Planar T2.0 100 ZF 2 Macro Milvus | 2017/04 Data sheets 401.3 KB
Zeiss Planar T2.0 50 ZF 2 Macro Milvus | 2016/03 Data sheets 432.5 KB

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New ZEISS Dimension ultra high-performance C-mount lenses


The new Dimension range of lenses from Zeiss has been designed for precise high-end applications, where distortion, vignetting and colouring issues must be minimised. Developed specifically for C-mount cameras, these new lenses provide high contrast, razor-sharp images, even at maximum aperture. They are virtually distortion-free across the entire area of sensors up to 4/3” and can resolve pixel sizes down to 2 μm.

New lens added to range of Zeiss Interlock compact lenses


A new, wide angle lens with a focal length of 25 mm has been added to the Zeiss Interlock range of compact, lightweight lenses. These are designed for use with large format area and line scan cameras. The full metal housing, locking screws for focus and aperture and their resilience to dust, water and vibration make these lenses ideally suited to use in very harsh industrial environments.

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