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Zivid AS

Zivid is a market-leading provider of 3D machine vision cameras and software for next generation robotics and industrial automation systems. Its Zivid One and Zivid One Plus products are regarded as the world’s most accurate real-time 3D color cameras and bring human-like vision to the smart factories and warehouses of Industry 4.0.

With more than two decades of in-house R&D and in-depth expertise in optical sensors, 3D machine vision hardware and software, Zivid enables customers to boost efficiency and productivity in a range of applications including de-palletizing, bin-picking, pick-and-place, assembly, packaging and quality control.



Zivid Two

The second-generation colour 3D cameras from Zivid overcome limitations in image quality, trueness, and speed for better object recognition, accurate parts manipulation and short cycle times in logistics and manufacturing.

Zivid One+

3D colour cameras designed for collaborative robots and automation systems

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Zivid: Make contrast distortion a thing of the past


State of the art vision systems now offer greater flexibility than ever before: Be they single cameras, multiple cameras configurations, or cameras that are set up for 360o views of target objects either through rotation of the object or moving the camera by attaching it to a Cobot. However, there is the age-old problem when working with metallic or other highly reflective surfaces, with the additional challenge when said objects have curved surfaces.

Easy 3D Plug & Play with Zivid One+


STEMMER IMAGING has extended its portfolio with the Zivid One+ 3D colour cameras from the Norwegian supplier Zivid since summer 2019. Our product manager Tim Huylebrouck describes his first experience with the 3D cameras.

STEMMER IMAGING AG signs distribution agreement with Zivid


STEMMER IMAGING AG has signed an agreement with 3D machine vision camera company Zivid for the distribution of its market-leading Zivid One+ cameras and software throughout Europe. Providing human-like vision capabilities, the cameras meet the demands of a wide range of high performance robotics and industrial automation systems.

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