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Product Training: LMI 3D Sensor (2 days)

The LMI Gocator enables you to quickly get started with 3D imaging. This complete pre-calibrated system with its integrated measuring instruments and graphical user interface can be used to execute a multitude of testing tasks. Therefore, you do not need additional hardware or programming skills to implement your solutions.

With practical exercises involving your own sample parts you can find your approach to solving tasks during the training itself.

Target audience

Both people new to 3D machine vision or those experienced users looking to reduce the complexity of 3D machine vision. Basic machine vision knowledge is recommended.


  • Basics of 3D measuring technology: laser triangulation and fringe projection
  • Technical details of the different Gocator families
  • Fast commissioning and easy configuration
  • Optimising image acquisition for perfect 3D scans
  • Calibration features for single and multi-camera setups
  • Selection and use of integrated measurement tools
  • Tool tracking, referencing and filtering
  • Interface configuration for control and data output
  • Development and support with the help of the emulators
  • Display options
  • Use of the 'Accelerator' to speed up the evaluation
  • Joint, interactive development of application solutions


2 days

Participation fee for 2-day training course

The participation fee for this training session is 895.- Euro.