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Opto Engineering 3D Optics (en)

Opto Engineering designs 3D lenses and projectors equipped with a high- precision tilting mechanism that allows the Scheimpflug condition to be met and to image the whole field of view in perfect focus.The Scheimpflug criterion describes how an object plane that is not parallel to the image plane can be imaged completely in focus. Tilting the Scheimpflug adaptor allows us to see the field of view in focus and also allows for a precise 3D measurement to be made.

A variety of 3D machine vision applications require that structured light be directed onto a sample at a considerable angle from a vertical position. However, when light is projected onto inclined surfaces, the focus is maintained only within a small area close to the centre of the field of view. The rest of the image will show relevant defocusing thus making the 3D measurement inaccurate.

Tilting the light source pattern becomes essential to ensure that patterned light is properly and evenly focused across the entire sample surface.

3D pattern projectors have been specifically designed by Opto Engineering for 3D profiling and for the measurement of objects with complex structures or inclined planes. They are successfully used in a variety of applications like 3D profiling for quality control, food and packaging inspection, reverse engineering and dimensional measurement of electronic components.

3D projectors can be used with different C-mount lenses however the best results are achieved with bi-telecentric lenses. Very good results can also be obtained with zero distortion macro lenses.