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Advanced Engineering SE 2020

02/09/2020 - 03/09/2020

Tradefair for product development & sourcing in the manufacturing industry

Venue: Åbymässan
Booth: E:09

Visit us at Advanced Engineering and get some new ideas on the subject of quality control with machine vision by our experts.

Meet STEMMER IMAGING at Advanced Engineering

25-26 March 2020

We make machine vision as easy as possible by creating customized packages that combine innovative products, expert advice and a comprehensive service, specifically tailored to you.

STEMMER IMAGING helps you solve your vision tasks efficiently, quickly and reliably.

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Highlights at Advanced Engineering

Demos at the exhibition will show different tools of our independent programming library Common Vision Blox (CVB), all running on embedded PCs (UpBoard).

The extremely fast scale- and rotation invariant object recognition and classification functions of CVB Polimago show that machine learning can also be used for classic applications and is much more robust than Blob and Edge tools.

We demonstrate the object recognition functions of CVB ShapeFinder. Certain features, in this case a roulette ball falling into pockets, are searched for and put in relation to each other. A clever combination of search strategies with skillful use of algorithms achieve an extremely high accuracy.

Another highlight will be showing CVB 3D functionality and the hardware independence of CVB. Two different sensors (AT/LMI) are used to look at parts of a moving linear axis. The point clouds of the different sensors from different angles are merged into a single point cloud and compared to the point clouds of a golden template.