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all about automation Essen 2018

06/06/2018 - 07/06/2018

Regional exhibition for industrial automation technologies

Venue: Essen
Booth: 215, Hall A1

Meet the STEMMER IMAGING team at all about automation!

Essen | Stand 215 | Hall A1 | 6-7 June 2018

Highlights at all about automation in Essen

Inspection of challenging surfaces with CVS trevista

The basic idea behind all the models in the CVS Trevista range sounds amazingly simple: illuminate a test object with structured, diffuse dome lighting, combine the resulting images into a synthetic overall image and then evaluate it.

This patented 2.5D process, called Shape from Shading, is especially suited to the examination of components with shiny and diffuse-scattering surfaces. Inspection characteristics including scratches, burrs, dents, discolouration or grinding marks, even if only a few micrometres deep can be detected with significantly greater certainty with this process, than with conventional image processing systems.

Multi-camera inspection system

Experience the diversity of our camera and technology offer live! We selected two units from LMI Technologies.

Our software library Common Vision Blox forms the basis and works hand in hand with the other tools like CVB Barcode, CVB Minos oder CVB 3D to solve tasks like barcode reading or inspecting print or packaging quality. Come and find out!