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SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2019

26/11/2019 - 28/11/2019

Exhibition for smart and digital automation

Venue: Nuremberg
Booth: 141, Hall 7A

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Nuremberg | Stand 141 | Hall 7A | 26-28 November 2019

Highlight: Human assistance camera system for assembly stations

The new Ricoh SC-10A human assistance camera system for assembly stations is designed to eliminate errors in manual assembly operations in a multitude of industries. A set of work instructions can be loaded into the system and displayed on a monitor while the camera scans the work piece.

The human operator follows the on-screen assembly instructions and after every action the system compares the result to the correct stored image before the next step can be taken. This reduces errors, helps operators learn new tasks and provides a digital audit trail of all operations.

Highlight: 3D scanning and measurement

Flexible 3D sensors like LMI Gocator are easy to use and configure. The smart sensors are perfectly suited for a wide variety of measurement tasks providing everything needed for scanning, measuring and controlling external hardware in a single, pre-calibrated package that anyone can use.

Highlight: Smart IR thermal imaging cameras

The new range of IRSX industrial IR cameras from Automation Technology are designed to facilitate the use of thermal imaging in Industry 4.0 applications.

Completely self-contained with embedded data processing, these compact, rugged cameras feature a multitude of interface protocols for direct communication with automation and control equipment. These include OPC-UA, a platform-independent, open standard for machine-to-machine communication which is ideally suited for Industry 4.0.