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CCS expand their product portfolio

19 Oct 2011

STEMMER IMAGING’s Illumination supplier, CCS, are adding new lights, expanding their already impressive range.

CCS FPQ2: square format diffuse dark field illumination

The FPQ2 series represents a new generation of their diffuse dark field illumination. These square format FPQ2 models are available in red, blue and white. In comparison to the previous model CCS have increased the blue and white variants of these lights by a factor of 3 and the red have by 5. All FPQ2 are 24V.

CCS LNSP: line illumination for long working distances

CCS also presents the LNSP product range for the purpose of line illumination for long working distances, up to 400 mm. LNSP products use white LEDs and are available in steps of 100 mm up to a total length of 1 metre. CCS have also released the new PSB3 power supplies designed for these as well as other for line lights, with up to 300 W output power.

CCS PD3: DIN mounting power supply with optional Ethernet interface

CCS have introduced a new 3-channel DIN mounting, power supply PD3 with optional Ethernet interface Allowing computer controlled remote intensity adjustment via pulse modulation. Strobe and on/off functions can be synchronised via an external trigger signal. The Intensity adjustment can also be made manually by means of a dial. The PD3 comes with an integrated display.

CCS SQR-TP: square format ring lights

Also released are Small form factor ring lights SQR-TP-RD set in a square housing Available in red/orange and a wave length of 638 nm are further additions.


Kyoto, Japan

CCS was founded in Kyoto in 1993 and released its first LED light for the machine vision market in 1994. Since then, the company has expanded and now is one of the world’s largest suppliers of LED illumination with offices in Japan, China, Singapore, Belgium and the US.