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A good filter is half the battle!

7 Mar 2013

Our partner, Midwest Optical Systems, has introduced a range of new filters for a host of different applications.

With the filter series MIDOPT FIL BN, the US manufacturer has developed new narrow bandpass filters for various wavelengths in the visible and IR spectrum. In the range of visible light, variants are available for blue or UV blocking filters (450 - 495 nm), green (515 – 560 nm), orange (570 - 615 nm), bright red (610 - 650 nm) and dark red (640 - 680 nm). In the infrared range, three IR bandpass variants cover the wavelengths 720 - 770 nm, 760 - 805 nm and 825 - 870 nm.

For use with laser diodes

All filters in this range are also suited for use with laser diodes and are often employed in fluorescence tasks. Their design makes them predestined for applications where powerful ambient light cannot be excluded. The FIL BN filters are less sensitive to changing light angles and also have a long service life according to the manufacturer.

Ideal for cameras operating in day and night mode

The Midwest dual bandpass filters also offer another interesting field of application. They are ideal for colour cameras operating in day and night mode as they block interfering IR wavelengths to obtain precise colour replication. They also offer the option of capturing scenes at night with suitable IR lighting. The models available include the MIDOPT FIL DB850 range for wavelengths 385 - 650 nm and 820 - 880 nm as well as MIDOPT FIL DB940 for the ranges 385 - 650 nm and 910 - 970 nm.

Of course, mounting systems are also available from STEMMER IMAGING for all these filter systems.

MidOpt Colour Bandpass Filters
  • Selectively control what the camera sees
  • Ideal for LED or laser diode use
  • Far more rugged and thinner than conventional interference filters

Palatine, United States

A manufacturer of custom precision optical components and imaging solutions since 1988, Midwest Optical Systems - MidOpt - is recognised as the world's leading resource for offthe-shelf and custom machine vision filters, lenses and accessories used in industrial imaging applications.