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Metaphase: Tunnel lighting with even greater luminous power

18 Mar 2013

Additional to the models of the MB-CDT series, Metaphase now offers further compact tunnel lights for line scan applications with even greater luminous power, the HP-CDT series.

To increase the ambient heat exchange, the developers at Metaphase have increased the cooler of the compact tunnel lights. This resulted in the new HP-CDT series. These models now allow light intensities of up to 250 kLux.

The HP-CDT lights are available in lengths from 127 to 2160 mm in steps of 127 mm. A very short version only approx. 51 mm long is also available for very short objects. The lights are 138 mm wide and only 30 mm high. A panel was also integrated to prevent light from escaping through the view slit. As is customary at Metaphase, the lights are available in the colours white, red, blue, green as well as IR 850 and UV 365 and 395.


Bensalem, United States

Since 1993, Metaphase Technologies has been developing products that advance "the quality of light" through engineering and manufacturing uniform diffuse high- and ultra-brightness LED illumination for machine vision, military and specialty lighting applications.