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Renaming of Ricoh lenses

14 Jan 2014

Our partner Pentax Ricoh has restructured with the aim of providing a more specialized and high- quality service for their customers and partners.

We have already informed you about the changes in the Pentax Security Systems Division, which deals with the distribution of lenses for security and surveillance technology as well as machine vision and which has been part of the Ricoh group for some time. Our partner has now decided to change the article names and numbers of their products. We will adopt these changes shortly for our product listings. As an example, the product name of the compact general purpose lens RICOH B2528-UV will be FL-BC2528-VGUV.

In order to give you the best support in finding your perfect lens, we are providing the document „Renaming of Pentax lenses in Ricoh“ which is available for download. This will detail the previous and amended product names of all lenses that are affected by the change.

We apologize on behalf of our partner Ricoh for any inconvenience due to these changes. Please refer questions to our vision experts!