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Allied Vision Technologies extends the Mako compact camera series

17 Feb 2014

Allied Vision Technologies (AVT) have extended their Mako series of ultra compact cameras with a 2 megapixel model Mako G-223 and a 4 megapixel model G-419.

The AVT Mako series include industrial GigE cameras with an excellent price:performance ratio based on a very compact housing with the same form factor and the same fixation points as many analogue cameras. All models feature Power over Ethernet (PoE), three opto-coupled outputs and a 64 MB image memory. Precisely adjusted sensors deliver excellent image quality.

Equipped with CMOSIS sensors

AVT now adds the Mako G-223B/C with a resolution of 2048 x 1088 pixels and the Mako G-419B/C with a resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels to the previous Sony- based Mako G-032 with a resolution of 658 x 492 pixels and the Mako G-125 with a resolution of 1292 x 964 pixels. The two new cameras are equipped with the CMOSIS sensors CMV2000 .and CMV4000 respectively and work with Global Shutter. The Mako G-223 offers a maximum frame rate of 49.5 frames per second at full resolution, while the Mako G-419B/C allows 26.3 full frames per second. Both models offer a data volume of 124 MB/s.

Both models available as NIR optimised versions

Special features of both cameras include different sync modes, the use of ROI readouts (Region of Interest), monitoring the camera temperature, white balance (which can be achieved automatically, via one push or via programming), on-board debayering as well as a look-up table (LUT). The delayed image output (Stream Hold) and internal bandwith control (StreamBytesPerSecond) are interesting features available with all Mako models. Other optional versions include IR cut filters and pass filters, protection glass or medical design. Both models, the Mako G-223 and the Mako G-419 are available as NIR optimised versions.

Allied Vision Mako

Measuring only 29 x 29 x 61 mm this entry level camera is an excellent price/performance offering from Allied Vision. With CCD, CMOS, CMOS with increased infrared sensitivity and a polarisation sensor, there are plenty of options to suit various applications.