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New Ricoh megapixel lenses for imaging and machine vision

20 Feb 2014

Ricoh introduces the new FL-CC series of 2 megapixel lenses.

The newly introduced FL-CC series of megapixel lenses includes six focal lengths ranging from 6 to 50 mm. The lenses are designed for 2/3“ sensors and feature minimal vignetting and an extremely low distortion from 0.02 to 0.56 %. They guarantee an optimal contrast even on object edges.

The five smaller FL-CC lenses feature a minimum object distance of 100 mm, whilst the largest version – the FL-CC5024A-2M – offers a focal length of 50 mm and a minimum object distance of 300 mm. Thanks to the locking screws for iris and focus and the high luminosity the new Ricoh 2 megapixel lenses are the perfect choice for applications in industrial high-resolution imaging and machine vision.