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New line scan cameras for high speed imaging

28 Apr 2014

Two new additions to the range of Piranha4 line scan cameras from Teledyne DALSA feature improved CMOS image sensor technology to deliver line rates up to 200 kHz together with outstanding signal-to-noise. These, combined with versatile imaging modes can accommodate ever more challenging high speed machine vision applications.

Offering 2k pixel resolution and available in monochrome and colour versions, the new cameras feature advanced chipsets to deliver high throughput with extended CameraLink cable lengths. Both cameras can operate at any angle to the web, providing greater flexibility for vision system designs. Advanced features include lens and shading correction, and flat field correction.

TDI mode for enhanced sensitivity

The new monochrome Piranha4 is a dual line scan camera which can operate in Time Delay Integration (TDI) mode for enhanced sensitivity and signal-to- noise, especially for low light level operation. A maximum line rate of 100 kHz is available in TDI mode, whilst line rates of 200 kHz are possible in area mode operation. A high dynamic range mode allows longer exposure time on one line and shorter on the second line to allow even more detail to be captured. Applications include railway inspection, printing, wood, film, and label inspection, and general machine vision applications.

Sub-pixel spatial correction allows precise colour registration

The new trilinear Piranha4 colour model provides independent gain and exposure control for each colour for optimising spectral responsivity. A maximum line rate of 70 kHz is possible. Sub-pixel spatial correction enables imaging in aspect ratios other than 1:1 to increase web speed and allow precise colour registration. Applications include 100% print inspection, banknote inspection, package and label inspection, and food inspection.

Teledyne DALSA Piranha4

High speed CMOS dual line scan camera for monochrome applications