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Tamron complements 6 megapixel lens series

17 Apr 2014

Tamron introduced the M23FM lens series for 2/3“ high-resolution cameras in autumn 2013. Now four additional models with shorter focal lengths complement the powerful lineup.

The first models of Tamron’s M23FM lens series were designed for focal lengths of 25 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm. The new versions now cover focal lengths of 6 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm. According to Tamron, the lenses are ideally suited for use with high-resolution cameras with up to 6 megapixels and provide crisp and clean pictures from the image centre to the edges. Within the scope of internal feasibility studies STEMMER IMAGING experts have tested the new lenses in combination with 10 megapixel cameras and achieved excellent results.

The robust housing of the C-mount lenses withstands even the highest mechanical stress and makes these lenses particularly suitable for harsh industrial applications. The key features include the ultra-high resolution over the entire sensor, very short close-focus ranges, very low distortion and chromatic aberration as well as high edge illumination. Even in low light conditions, the high luminosity of the M23FM lenses provides the best results. The iris/focus lock screw position can be selected from 3 points.