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Gardasoft introduces entry-level LED strobe controllers

13 May 2014

The new RC100 and RC120 single channel strobe controllers are perfectly suited for Gardasoft customers whose applications require the quality of the RT series, but can manage with reduced performance.

Both the Gardasoft RC120 and the RC100 controller allow the single channel control of LED illuminations in machine vision applications and operate in either continuous or strobe modes. In continuous mode a highly stable and accurate constant current of up to 1.2A is provided, and in pulse mode high current pulsing to 2A is possible.

The RC100 is designed for continuous and strobe mode for 1A. The units have a maximum power rating of 25W. Whilst the RC120 model can be parameterised via Ethernet, the RC100 controller operates with push buttons.

Patented SafePower and SafeSense technology

Both strobe controllers feature Gardasoft’s SafePower and SafeSense patented technology. SafeSense automatically prevents LEDs overheating and being damaged in the event of overdriving. SafePower technology adjusts the output voltage to the lighting system separately from the input voltage, which reduces power loss and therefore the heat generated by the controller.

Gardasoft RC

Cost-effective strobe controller with a single channel. It can be configured via Ethernet or push buttons and the patented SafeSense technology ensures very precise overdriving.