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Industrial cables resist temperatures up to 250 °C

19 May 2014

Permanently flexible CAT6-Gigabit Ethernet cables for industrial purposes from STEMMER IMAGING for use in image processing systems at high application temperatures continue to provide reliable results where conventional cables have previously failed.

Camera cables used for industrial applications often need to withstand elevated thermal and mechanical loads. As a rule the temperature range for standard cables with PVC in image processing applications lies between -10?°C and +60?C°, in the case of PUR cables, temperatures between -30?°C and +80?C° are possible. Cameras can be operated at high on-site temperatures, for example, the inspection and monitoring of furnaces in the steel and glass industry using a customised integrated camera protection housing by STEMMER IMAGING. Conventional cables without further protective measures are, however, often inadequate for thermal reasons.

Based on a new cable material, STEMMER IMAGING is now able to manufacture high quality CAT6 cables for extreme applications which cover the temperature range from -40 °C to +180 °C and can even resist up to +250 °C for short periods. The material is designed as a permanently flexible cable with a minimum flex radius of >140 mm and can be supplied in customised cable lengths together with robust, field-assembly RJ-45 plugs. The experts of the Puchheim-based company would be pleased to discuss your precise requirements for a customised cable solution.