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Telecentric illuminators with high-power LED light

21 May 2014

Opto Engineering’s LTCLHP series of telecentric high power illuminators have been specifically designed to back illuminate objects imaged by telecentric lenses.

Opto Engineering’s new LTCLHP series of telecentric illuminators offers a number of interesting features for applications which have to meet telecentric requirements. Compared to diffuse back illuminators the new series provides strong edge contrast leading to higher measurement accuracy. Telecentric illumination is strongly recommended for high precision measurement of round or cylindrical parts, where diffuse back lighting would offer poor performance due to scattered light from the object edges.

High current stability, high reliability of the imaging system

One of LTCLHP’s key advantages is the complete light coupling as well as the fact that all the light emitted by a LTCL source is collected by a telecentric lens and transferred to the camera detector, ensuring very high signal-to- noise ratio. Opto Engineering’s telecentric illuminators guarantee improved illumination stability with flicker free light thanks to their high current stability even at low current levels. This improves the reliability of the imaging system and the measurement accuracy. Light intensity can be adjusted precisely and easily with a screwdriver via a multiturn trimmer. The LED light source can be easily replaced and aligned with a wide selection of different LED colours. Opto Engineering provides a comprehensive range of accessories available for the LTCLHP series including mechanical mounts and easy to replace LED sources.

Opto Engineering LT CL and LT CL HP

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