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10 years STEMMER IMAGING in Europe

23 Jun 2014

On the 1st of July 2004, STEMMER IMAGING, who had so far been largely focused on Germany and Austria, expanded their sales operations by acquiring a company in the UK and establishing a subsidiary in Switzerland. Ten years on, the company is Europe's largest technology supplier for imaging and machine vision with subsidiaries in eleven European countries.

Until the 30th of June 2004, STEMMER IMAGING had been a company focusing exclusively on the sales regions of Germany and Austria, with the exception of international sales of its own machine vision software Common Vision Blox. "With a turnover of EUR 18.8 million in the financial year 2003/04 and nearly 60 employees, we were very successful in these countries and well established as a local force in imaging and machine vision", remembers Wilhelm Stemmer, the company founder and CEO.

Implementation of the European strategy

With the acquisition of Firstsight Vision in the UK and the establishment of a subsidiary in Switzerland on 1st July 2004 as well as the acquisition of the leading French imaging and machine vision business Imasys one year later, the vision pioneer and his team implemented the first steps of his European strategy: "At the time, some 70 per cent of total sales of imaging components in Europe were achieved in the countries we could service with these subsidiaries. It was our vision to develop STEMMER IMAGING from a local supplier in Germany and Austria to a leading European technology supplier of industrial imaging and machine vision."

Reliable customer service for 19 European countries

The results have been impressive: in 2012 the Dutch company, Iris Vision, was integrated and heralded expansion into the Benelux countries. With the acquisition of the Swedish imaging and machine vision distributor Parameter on 1st January 2014, STEMMER IMAGING now services 19 European countries and provides reliable customer services and answers to all questions pertaining to machine vision across Europe with over 200 employees. Over the past ten years, turnover has developed in a similar manner to the number of employees and will probably reach EUR 64 million in the current financial year 12013/14.

The most comprehensive range of imaging components

In the opinion of Christof Zollitsch, Managing Director at STEMMER IMAGING, it is not only the company that benefits from the leading role in Europe: "Our customers have benefitted in a very positive manner over the past few years as, among other things, our stock levels and financial power have allowed us to offer a high level of assured delivery and reliability for the most comprehensive range of imaging components in Europe. Our suppliers also, appreciate and support our European strategy as this allows them to bundle their supply and support efforts."

Utilising synergies, optimising processes

According to the two managing directors, further expansion of STEMMER IMAGING is not planned currently, but also not excluded. "At present we have not yet finally completed the integration of Parameter with its subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Poland. As soon as this step has been accomplished we will first focus on utilising the existing synergies and to optimise the overall company and our processes further. Whether further expansion to other areas in Europe makes sense and is practicable, will be decided as required", explains Zollitsch.