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Entry level industrial camera retains speed and resolution

23 Sep 2014

The new ‘Go’ series of industrial cameras from JAI feature a 5-megapixel global shutter CMOS imager capable of delivering full resolution images at 107 frames/second over a 2 channel, Power-over-Mini-CameraLink interface.

Packaged in a 29 mm x 29 mm x 41.5 mm housing and weighing just 46 grams, these new cameras have an industrial-grade rating of 10G vibration and 80G shock which makes them ideally suited to applications that require repetitive camera movement or on robotics/unmanned vehicles, as well as for mounting in tight spaces.

Easy configuration to meet a wide range of requirements

The monochrome GO-5000M-PMCL and colour GO-5000C-PMCL cameras offer many of the features of JAI’s high performance Spark SP-5000 cameras at a very competitive price point. In particular, versatile ROI and binning capabilities allow easy configuration to meet a wide range of customer requirements for resolution, speed and optical formats.

The sensor’s 5 micron square pixels mean that the centred 1080p or VGA ROI imaging options are fully optimised for 2/3” and 1/3” optics respectively, minimising the cost of optical components in keeping with the entry level pricing for the camera. The camera can be operated with a single ROI or up to 5 ROIs simultaneously.

Multiple sensor taps and dual CameraLink interface

Multiple sensor taps and the dual CameraLink interface enable users to select the most appropriate frame rate and data rate for the application using Base, Medium or Full configurations. Power is supplied through one of the two Mini CameraLink connectors.

Noise reduction facilities include a combination of analogue and digital gain controls to reduce the amount of quantised noise in low-light images. In addition, monochrome binning both horizontal and vertical is available for high sensitivity low noise imaging. The colour model offers a 4 channel analogue gain function for better white balancing and shading correction with reduced noise. The new Go series also features JAI’s Auto Level Control that combines auto gain, and auto shutter capabilities in an integrated function to let users optimise their auto exposure control for lowest noise, fastest shutter or other priorities.


High frame rate global shutter cameras with excellent image quality for reliable inspection results. With CMOS sensors for monochrom and colour imaging and a polarisation option, there are plenty of options to suit various applications. The compact housing makes the JAI Go an ideal fit for tight spaces.