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900 fps in Full HD

15 Oct 2014

Optronis introduces a new member of its highspeed CamPerform camera family featuring a CoaxPress interface, the CP70-HD.

Just in time and ready for the VISION show, Optronis introduces a new member of its Coaxpress family, the CP70-HD. The camera offers 8 bit dynamics and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at a frame rate of more than 900 frames per second. The camera is provided either with a monochrome or a colour sensor.

High-performance CoaxPress interface

The four existing CP models are available in resolutions ranging from 1696 x 1708 to 5120 x 5120 pixels and frame rates ranging from 72 and 540 full frames per second. As a provider of high-performance CoaXPress cameras, Optronis opted at an early stage – back in 2011 – for the high-speed interface that is becoming ever more accepted on the market.

For extremely fast production processes

Just like the entire CP family the new Optronis camera is ideally suited for visualizing fast processes such as the real time image data streaming to RAID hard drives. Thus it is possible to track objects in extremely fast production processes and to more quickly eliminate faults during production, saving both time and money.

Ideally suited for the broadcast sector

A completely different field of application is the broadcast sector where slow motion sequences especially during sports events provide fascinating insights for the viewer.

Optronis CamPerform

Highly sensitive high speed camera with CMOS sensor and CoaXPress interface.