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A jump to the next level for our customer's benefit

1 Oct 2014

Peter Trollsås, former Vice President Sales of Parameter AB and Managing Director of STEMMER IMAGING AB since July 1st, 2014, explains some backgrounds of the changes from Parameter to STEMMER IMAGING.

What have been the main reasons for the acquisition of Parameter by STEMMER IMAGING?

Trollsås: Parameter AB is the leading imaging and machine vision supplier in the Nordic countries, Poland as well as in the Baltic countries. With the headquarters in Stockholm Sweden and offices in Finland, Denmark and Poland we have been able to serve our market as a local supplier throughout our entire region with a very skilled group of people. Imaging and machine vision is not only about having high quality products but also an organization with a very high knowledge level about the technology and all the disciplines involved. Our main focus has always been imaging and machine vision and I strongly believe that this is the reason why we are successful in our region. This is also one of the reasons that made STEMMER IMAGING interested in acquiring us. They have the same focus as we always have had and I think that their slogan "Imaging Is Our Passion" really describes their as well as our long term commitment in this technology and market. Both companies have been cooperating on the software library Common Vision Blox (CVB) we have distributed in our market for many years. Last but not least we have a high degree of overlap in terms of represented suppliers which made Parameter an interesting company to acquire in the goal for STEMMER IMAGING of maximum customer proximity in Europe.

Which consequences will the former ­Parameter customers have to face?

Trollsås: Consequences sounds like negative impacts, but I don't see any at all, probably except response times that might take a little longer in some cases during the transition period. I hope, however, that our customers can be patient with us since it is only for a limited period of time and that they rather see the benefits when we are through. It is always difficult for an organization to go through changes.

Where do you see the biggest benefits for your customers after the change to STEMMER ­IMAGING?

Trollsås: I think that all our customers will benefit from the acquisition. We will continue to be their local supplier and partner as in the past but with much more products and services to offer. STEMMER IMAGING and Parameter have a lot in common but with the difference that they always were much bigger due to the bigger markets they serve. This has made it possible to build up a big service stock, offer more services, have their own manufacturing of cables and a lot more products to offer. With the acquisition we can now offer all of this and jump to the next level. We can now also follow our customers out into Europe and they can benefit from STEMMER IMAGING's superior level of competence and services in Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. This will strengthen the service available for our customers who will have access to the support and security they need to continue to develop their vision applications with our help.

What are your goals for the first year as ­STEMMER IMAGING, what do you expect for the upcoming years?

Trollsås: My goal is to continue to have the high level of support and knowledge locally that we so successfully have had in the past and combine that with the strength of STEMMER IMAGING. In this way we will be able to be an even better supplier and partner to our customers and continue to build and grow the company in our region as the largest technology provider of components for imaging and machine vision.