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AT: 3D camera range extendend

15 Oct 2014

Automation Technology (AT) will be presenting its new C5 camera series with ultra-high resolution 3D sensors and 17 new models of the C2-CS series at this year’s VISION show.

The new C5 series

The C5 series’ 3D sensors apply the laser-triangulation principle for the scanning of objects and feature an ultra-high resolution of up to 12 Megapixels with measurement speeds of up to 14,000 profiles per second. In addition, during the development of the sensors a special effort was made to enhance their industrial capabilities. The C5 sensors have a compact and rugged design and are equipped with M12 connectors. They are available with different lens covers that not only offer a protective class IP67, but also have optional extras such as air barriers.

The first generation of the C5 camera family consists, for now, of the models C5-4090-GigE and C5-3360-GigE featuring a Gigabit Ethernet interface and complying with the GigE Vision standard. The HDR 3D functionality enables a better scanning of materials and surfaces, having inhomogeneous reflection properties. In addition, the new C5 series also supports 3D scan functions such as automatic AOI tracking, AOI search and auto-start in applications requiring high resolution with high profile rates and large measurement ranges.

Until now, 3D recordings in a two-digit megapixel resolution were reserved only for the camera C4-4090-GigE. The C5 series combines the high-resolution characteristics of the C4 camera with the compact and ruggedized design of the C2 sensor family.

C2-CS series with new models

At VISION, AT will be presenting another new series of 3D laser triangulation sensors in compact design. In order to provide the suitable sensors for a wide variety of applications, the C2-CS series comes with 17 new models, which basically differ from each other in their size, resolution, profile speed, working distance and scanning area.

The C2 compact sensors are available with a resolution of 2048 x 1088, 1600 x 1088 or 648 x 488 pixel and deliver profile frequencies of up to 25 kHz. Each model has been designed for working distances between 60mm and 740mm. This enables measurement-ranges of up to 1060mm (width) and 800mm (height). As a result, the sensors come in different housing sizes varying between 137mm x 90mm x 43mm and 250mm x 100mm x 55mm, depending on its specific working-distance and its corresponding triangulation angle.

Just like the C5 sensors, the C2-CS sensors have a rugged design with protection class IP67 and are equipped with M12 tensile- and tear- resistant connectors. They also feature a Gigabit Ethernet interface and comply with the GigE Vision standard. In combination with the GenICam protocol, the configuration of the new sensors is done by plug n’ play. Also, because of the high level of acceptance among the users of the previous C2 series, the 3D scan features automatic AOI tracking, automatic AOI search and auto-start have been integrated into the new compact sensors as well.