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Blue laser with up to 1W output

14 Oct 2014

Z-Laser adds a blue laser diode with up to 1W output to its ZQ range of laser lights.

The new Z-Laser ZQ-blue laser diodes address the special needs of the steel industry. The blue wavelength is ideally suited for projections on shiny, metallic and glowing surfaces. Low interference reflections support the visibility of the laser line.

The new product operates with a wavelength of 450 nm up to 1W output. Depending on the application the ZQ-blue laser can be equipped with various line and spot optics as well as a selection of diffractive optics. The ZQ-blue laser provides a TTL modulation up to 10 kHz or up to 1 kHz via PLC. It is controlled via RS-232 or RS485 interface and operates with a 24VDC supply voltage.