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Illumination for pharmaceutical blister pack inspection

15 Oct 2014

Smart Vision Lights´ TL305 on and off axis light is designed for difficult blister pack inspection tasks.

The inspection of curved reflective blister packs is one of the most challenging machine vision tasks. This type of application requires diffuse lighting to properly illuminate the transparent packaging and pocketed foil to ensure the product quality of pharmaceutical goods.

Delivers excellent image quality

The new TL305 on and off axis illumination is Smart Vision Lights‘ powerful lighting solution for applications and works by increasing the colour response of the camera. The unique design has proven to reduce reflections, glare and „hot spots“ while delivering excellent image quality and providing the most accurate view of the packaging’s contents. The challenge of inspecting clear gel caps against various backgrounds, including foil or clear, or multi-coloured products is less of a concern as well, since this new light has eliminated “halo” reflection and blurred edge contrast.

Mitigates product variation

Delivering a unique “light tent”-like illumination architecture while offering user control of both on-axis and off-axis intensity from Smart Vision Lights’ own internal driver to mitigate product or package variation, this light is expected to set the standard for challenging blister- and foil-pack applications. Smart Vision Lights expects to see expanded use of this revolutionary light approach for any application incorporating a line-scan camera over a conveyor.