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Dual camera smart profile sensor for 3D scans of large complex shapes

9 Mar 2015

The new, self-contained LMI Gocator 2880 laser profiling sensor features dual cameras for scanning large surface areas with irregular shapes and textures. The use of two cameras at different angles overcomes shadowing effects resulting from protruding features. The new sensor offers a large field of view and measurement range and provides fast and complete data acquisition for cross-sectional shapes of parts and materials surfaces. Cross-sections can be collected to create 3D point clouds representing whole parts for performing volumetric measurements.

This is the first dual camera model in LMI´s Gocator series of smart 3D laser profiling sensors. It offers a field of view of 390 mm - 1260 mm, with a measurement range of 800 mm. In addition, multiple Gocator 2880 sensors can be seamlessly linked to provide even larger fields of view. The megapixel imager (1280 points/profile) outputs full profiles up to 980 Hz. Gocator’s built-in measurement tools convert 3D data into real-time measurements with pass/fail decisions. After scanning the part, Gocator results can be visualised instantaneously for fine-tuning measurements, inspecting and refining tolerances.

The new sensor features Gocator firmware 4.1. This improves process optimisation with the addition of rich filtering for removing noise and outliers from sensor data; material selection for achieving the best possible data on objects with challenging material surfaces and a new Countersunk Hole Tool to measure centre position, depth, outside diameter, bevel angle.

With its Gigabit Ethernet interface and PLC connectivity, the Gocator 2880 can be easily integrated into production facilities for inspection and control. The IP67 rated industrial housing and compact 500 mm footprint makes it an ideal quality control solution even in harsh manufacturing industries. Gocator’s built-in GUI allows for flexible configuration of profiling settings and measurement tools using any web browser, computer or operating system.